The Walker County School System is providing additional counseling resources for teachers and students at Chattanooga Valley Elementary School after 8-year-old Bentley Robbins died last week. 

Glen Brown the Director of Student Services at Walker County Schools says they're doing their best to help students and faculty at this time because losing a child is always incredibly difficult.

"So we want to be very delicate but yet dynamic to the response that is appropriate for those circumstances," said Brown. 

He says they handle it differently at an elementary level compared to a high school level. Part of the process is notifying parents first so they can talk with their children. 

"We equip those parents with a limited amount of information based on our communication with the family and what's appropriate to share, but we also equip them with a great deal of resources," said Brown.

Those resources include professional counseling and grief agencies, and on the school's end they had extra counselors on standby to help students with their grief.

"We were prepared we did bring in extra, the staff did an incredible job supporting the kids, the parents and the community did an incredible job communicating with their children about this process," said Brown. 

For Robbins funeral on Wednesday, the school system prepared both students and teachers to say goodbye.

"We need to make sure that we have everybody where they need to be to support the kids, whether they are at the funeral or whether they are at the school," said Brown. 

Brown says the school's support is just one way the community needs to come together. 

"So we need each other we have to lean on each other we have to care for each other, everybody that's going to have to go through struggles, everybody's going to have grief, and it's important to have those relationships and the network of trust and support so we can carry each other when we need it," said Brown.

The autopsy for Bentley has not yet been released. 

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