The Cleveland Police Department released new information on a double homicide that happened two weeks ago.

Police Chief Mark Gibson said they believe this shooting is related to a stolen motorcycle.

Christopher Roberson and Alfonvo Johnson have been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of James Ledford and Jaclyn Carroll (Markcloud). 

Chief Gibson said he thinks a dispute led to the shooting.

Ledford was accused of stealing Roberson's motorcycle, leading to Roberson shooting Ledford and Carroll at a home on High Street. Ledford's body was found inside a box in a stolen pick-up truck on September 23, according to Chief Gibson. 

Carroll's body was discovered in a ditch two days later. He said investigators don't know for sure why Carroll was connected to the shooting.

"She was an acquaintance of James Ledford. I don't know if she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time or we don't 100% know that," Gibson said. 

Gibson does not expect anyone else to be charged in this case.

However, he's asking anyone with information to call the Cleveland Police Department at (423) 476-1121.