UPDATE:  McKamey reports that 118 pets were adopted Saturday during their free adoption event.  If you were able to adopt on Saturday, McKamey will be open Tuesday morning at 11 with animals still looking for a home.

ORIGINAL STORY: People packed McKamey Animal Center Saturday, hoping to take home a new furry friend. The center offered to wave adoption fees today to clear the shelter.

"We've had a lot of animals come in and it's just overwhelming,” McAloon said. “Every shelter we work with is in the same situation, normally we help each other and right now everyone is so full that nobody can lend a hand."

That’s why they waived the typical adoption fees Saturday, hoping to make room for animals they know are coming.

"We can adopt out ten, we can adopt out 25. 25 is an amazing day,” she said. “But at the other end of the building, we can take in 75 animals in one day.”

McAloon says most animals stay at the shelter about a month, but they've recently rescued many from hoarding and abuse situations that need long term care.

"Some of the animals that we've taken in aren't the normal get them ready for adoption and get them out for adoption,” she said. “These are animals that require long term rehabilitation."

Summer breeding season and hot weather sticking around add to the problem. Events like Saturday’s ease the crowding, as the end comes into sight.

"If we can adopt animals that are going to make room for more animals to come in. Fortunately, we're at the end of our busiest season,” McAloon said.

McAloon says spaying and neutering is the only sure-fire way to keep shelters clear and to keep overcrowding from becoming an issue in the future.