It's homecoming for Dade County High School but instead of celebrating, tonight, the school community is mourning the loss of one of their own following a deadly car crash.

Two other students remain in the hospital after the crash that happened Thursday night just after 6:00 pm.

"Before the homecoming parade Mr. Fahrney, the principal and I learned that three of our students were involved in a tragic accident," Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris told Channel 3.

17-year-old Alexis Moore, known to teachers and students as "Lexi", was killed instantly in that two-car crash.

"Trying to make sense of it all has been really challenging for not only me but obviously the faculty staff and students," School Principal James Fahrney told Channel 3.

Lexi was a member of the school's band and color guard set to perform at Friday night's game.

Though she wasn't able to be there, students and staff made sure the Friday night lights would still shine on her memory.

"She was the best out of all of us," fellow color guard member and friend Coop Lumpkin said of Moore.

Investigators with the Georgia State Patrol say the 17-year-old driver, Logan Gordy, crossed over the center line hitting a Jeep Commander while trying to turn on a steep curve.

Lumpkin told Channel 3 she recalled seeing the three students just before the crash.

"I saw them at Wendy's right before the accident and I just can't believe it happened. We didn't know when the parade had started. We didn't know until we got back here," she explained.

Harris told Channel 3 all activities after the parade were canceled once students were alerted to what happened.

"After the parade, we came back over here and we had planned a pep rally but of course the students were just learning about the accident. We just opened up the school and had a time for the students to grieve," she said.

The school's dance was also postponed. Principal Fahrney shared that Lexi was a bright student with big plans he'd known since she was in elementary school. He says he was also her principal then.

"I've known her since she was very little so to have her taken away like this has been very hard on everyone," he said.

With Friday's game still scheduled to go on, heartbroken students and staff members spent the night celebrating Lexi's homecoming.

"There will be a hole tonight and we'll all feel it," Assistant Band Director Heather Chance told Channel 3 Friday afternoon.

People attending were asked to wear Lexi's favorite color wearing her favorite color--green.

"Having her as a key component of today's activities was very important," Fahrney said.

The ambitious high school senior was crowned Dade County High School's honorary homecoming queen.

Three passengers in the Jeep, including two small children ages 7 and 9, were also taken to the hospital.

Their conditions are unknown at this time. Georgia State Patrol says charges, if any, are pending the outcome of their investigation.

PREVIOUS STORY: There was a moment of silence before the Dade County High School homecoming game Friday night, to honor a student killed in a car crash.

Senior Lexi Moore was killed in a car crash with two other students on Daniels Road Thursday.

The students were on the way to a homecoming celebration on Thursday. 

Dade County High School Principal James Fahreny said students wanted to pay tribute Lexi at Friday's game. 

He said students decided to wear the color green because it was her favorite color. 

"We knew last night when Lexi passed away we wanted to do something special and take advantage of the stage with our homecoming to celebrate her life," Fahreny said.  

Fans of the opposing team, Gordon Central, wore green in honor of Lexi as well.