An affidavit from the Cleveland Police Department paints a picture of a violent weekend 11 days ago, that led to two murders and the shooting of another woman. 

Christopher Roberson and Alfonzo Johnson are charged with first-degree murder for the deaths of James Ledford and Jaclyn (Markcloud) Carroll Smith.

Johnson faces a charge of attempted murder for the shooting of a woman in Chattanooga.

It appears the trouble began with a stolen motorcycle.

A friend of one of the victims told Channel 3 there was no reason for anyone to lose their life.

"I mean, it's a motorcycle. Come on. I mean, you can get a motorcycle. I am pretty sure if they had told the family what was going on, then they could have went and bought them a new motorcycle. He could have had a Harley Davidson. It's really stupid. Nobody's life is worth a motorcycle,” Perez said.

Shonda Perez is still in shock after learning that two people she knew are gone.

"Who could do this and why? This is just crazy,” Perez said.

Perez says she and Ledford were close friends and there was no like him.

"He was crazy outgoing. Always in a good mood. Just never knew when he was going to show up and when he does, you do nothing but laugh,” Perez said.

A police affidavit says a witness claims Roberson and Johnson were at his home off High Street.

Ledford and Markcloud also stopped by.

The report says a witness went to the back of the home and went into a room with his children where he heard gunshots.

He says he came out several hours later and saw Johnson cleaning what appeared to be blood off the back door.

The report says he claims Roberson bragged about killing Ledford.

"It was just cold-hearted,” Perez said.

Ledford's body was found in a truck parked near Fort Hill Cemetery and Markcloud's body was found less than two miles away just two days later.

Police say she had gunshot wounds to the head and neck.

"I don't understand why they had to mess with her too. I don't know. It's crazy,” Perez said. "I just hope that justice is served and that these are the only two people involved.”

"I know they were going to find them. I just want people to know that she was a human being; she’s not just a news story,” Anna Grose said.

No court date has been set.