Thursday was another record breaker. Temperatures in Chattanooga registered at 100 degrees. 

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) says they haven't seen this kind of energy usage since the polar vortex a few years back. 

October 1st and 2nd of this month are the second and third all time records for energy usage in October for TVA. 

The power company is now operating under two internal alerts in an effort to conserve as much energy as possible. 

"We've seen some really high energy demands. We've hit records the past few days," said TVA spokesperson Malinda Hunter. 

Hunter says the energy usage they've recorded is abnormal for October. 

"The first two days of October already rank the second and third highest power demand that the Tennessee Valley has seen in our 86 year TVA History," Hunter told Channel 3. 

TVA hit an energy consumption peak on Wednesday of over 28,000 megawatts, which is 8,000 megawatts more than October's average. 

That's enough to power New York City for 2.5 days. 

"The most demand we've ever had was in the polar vortex and really high energy demand was just over 30,000. So this is a very big deal," Hunter recalled. 

The company is operating under two heat alerts, one being a conservative operation alert to avoid putting any generators at risk. 

"If there is maintenance that is scheduled, we'll postpone it until we can get through this heat wave," said Hunter.

The other alert is a power supply alert, meaning TVA is working to conserve energy within their own facilities. 

"That's means we'll move our thermostat up to 75. It's a little warmer but we are doing our part to conserve," Hunter told Channel 3. 

A higher thermostat may not be ideal, but she says every little bit helps to cut back on what is already such a high number. 

"This is unprecedented in TVA history to see this level of demand this time of year," Hunter said. 

TVA will continue operating under these alerts until the temperature and usage drops.