At just nine years old, Dalton McPherson is fueled by his passion to help others.

“Experiencing what I had gone through I know that other kids need that boost of confidence,” Dalton said.

On August 29, 2017, Dalton and his father Dustin were in the car together when another driver drove out in front of them.

“I don't know if he didn't see us or didn't stop long enough but he came out and I didn't have time to stop and I hit him right in the side,” Mr. McPherson said.

Dalton and his father were rushed to Erlanger hospital. His father had a concussion. Dalton's injuries forced him into surgery. He was listed as a trauma one patient.

“He had a broken back in two places. He did have several hairline fractures all the way down his back and once he got back into the operating room they realized that he did have internal bleeding and that the safety belt had ripped his small intestine,” Dalton’s mother, Kimberly McPherson explained.

Dalton stayed in the hospital for ten days. He says movies and toys helped him get through the pain he felt.

“I was really happy for one of my first times to actually enjoy it,” Dalton said.

Dalton's personal experience is what inspired an idea for his ninth birthday. Instead of presents, he and his parents took a trip to Walmart. Dalton used his birthday money to buy toys for kids at Erlanger.

“I was thinking about what would be good for kids to play with [and} what would be good for kids to distract them?” he said. “I hope that they feel like they aren't even at the hospital and they're just at their home.”

Dalton’s mother says the staff at Erlanger Children’s Hospital mean the world to her family. The hospital has at least three playrooms for children. The toys that fill those rooms are donated. However, the donations are typically on given around the holidays. The toys Dalton bought will be given directly to children at the hospital and shared in the hospital's playrooms. 
“To watch my child want to do this for other people it's just incredible,” Mrs. McPherson said. “He just has a heart of gold.”