On Thursday, the Nashville Predators will hit the ice for their season opener against the Minnesota Wild.

The team is taking steps to stop fake tickets.

When you buy a ticket on your phone, you'll now notice a rotating barcode. That means screenshots of tickets won't work.

"So, the safer they can make the tickets, I think the better it is for the fans," Tammy Meade who is a season ticket holder said.

Getting a ticket on your phone isn't new. The Preds have had that for three years.

It's the technology that's different. They sent an email to season ticket holders.

"Scalping or selling invalid tickets is a thing of the past," Nat Harden, Nashville Predators SVP of Ticket Sales, Premium Sales & Youth Hockey said.

They're using what's called Ticketmaster SafeTix. Your account will now have a rotating barcode that'll be scanned.

"Ultimately, what we want is when you buy a ticket or when you come to a Predator game, your ticket is valid and you're getting in the game and you're getting into your seats versus buying something that's not real," Harden said.

If you want to forward or transfer your tickets, don't screenshot them. You'll need to send the digital ticket to a working email address using MySmashvilleTix or Ticketmaster.

Meade thinks it'll help cut down on fraud.

"I can't say impossible with technology, but it'll be so difficult to be able to clone that," Meade said.

She hasn't had any issues with the system during pre-season games and hopes that continues for the regular season.

"I hold up my phone, they put theirs on it and I'm in," Meade said.

The team recommends buying tickets from NashvillePredators.com or Ticketmaster.com.

Otherwise, you're rolling the dice. 

If you still want to get a paper ticket, you still can at the box office if they have any left.