Trying to get drivers to slow down in her neighborhood has become like chasing unicorns for a woman in Ohio.

So to solve the problem she decided to dress like one. She has been donning a unicorn costume and holding a sign urging drivers to slow down near her children's bus stop in Centerville.

The speed limit is 25-miles an hour, but she says many drivers break it. She also says her campaign has been getting good vibes from kids and other parents.

Beth Phillips Blair, anti-speeding campaigner, "It's been amazing, all the kids on buses, all the kids going in from school wave every single morning, they get all excited, a lot of moms who have dealt with the same problem on their streets, honk and wave if they stop on the streets, they're like 'we support you.'"

But police are less excited about her campaign. They say her dancing and her costume can distract drivers.