Chattanooga Police Investigator Larry Ellis points out an interesting bit of costuming that may help give the identity of our armed robber away.

"I believe the mask is what will stand out."

Just after midnight, September 20, out at the Mapco at 6120 Highway 58, the clerk was in in the cooler.

"When you're watching the video," Inv. Ellis explained, "you're going to see the masked suspect come in with a mask and gloves, holding a knife. The cashier is in the cooler. She exits out of the cooler. He grabs her by her shirt and holds her behind the cash register where he proceeds to take the money."

It happens quickly and at the point of a knife. He is thought to be a black male, 5'5" to 5'7" tall with a skinny build, and he is said to have had a raspy voice.

"The video is kind of grainy, but what is going to give him away, we hope, is the mask," Ellis added. "It's a very particular kind of Halloween mask kind of looks like it comes from a Mortal Kombat video game."

Also, pay particular attention to his gloves. They look to be black with some sort of white markings. If you don't know the guy, but can identify the gloves, or know what the markings mean, or where they can be purchased, call in. Any clue may help round this guy up before he strikes again.

In the meantime, keep your ears open. You may hear something that could earn you up to $1,000 reward cash.

"The suspects do like to brag about the crimes to other members of the community," Inv. Ellis said. "I believe, with Crime Stoppers' help, we'll be able to, hopefully, find out who the suspect is through members of the community and people he's bragged to."

If you know anything, communicate with Crime Stoppers, anonymously. Your call goes to our call center and you will be issued a case number. We will never ask your name.

Call now at 698-3333.

Up to $1,000 is waiting. The line is manned for you 24/7.