Over 100 people showed up to retired Corporal Lance Deal's burial service on Wednesday. Chattanoogans and veterans alike came to honor the memory of Deal and make the service special. 
Deal was going to have a simple burial before Mickey McCamish stepped in and started making phone calls, which lead to the large turnout on Wednesday. Deal's caretaker was at the service today and she said the turnout was more than she could have hoped for. 
Katie Schober was Deal's caregiver for 10 months before he passed. 
"We did everything together, we never spent a day apart. We were going to the movies, we went to dinner, we went to lunch, I helped him any way possible," said Schober. 
But she was more than a caregiver to Deal.  
"He always told me when I walked out the door, 'Remember you're the best, you are my friend, and you were an angel sent from heaven," said Schober. 
She says Deal was the most outgoing man, he had a bright and cheerful attitude, and the attendance to the ceremony astounded her.
"Just the turnout and everything is incredible, as I was pulling in tears just started rolling down my face and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing," said Schober. "It was just awesome."
Everyone who attended didn't want Deal to be alone. 
"No veteran should die alone, it's one of those things, they served, they did their time and we owe it to them to respect what they did," said Wayne Belk the 3rd District Commander of TN American Legion.
"Mainly in regards and respects to my fallen comrade," said Ret. Sgt. U.S. Army Steve Helton.
"Those people doing what they did is the reason we get to do what we get to do," said Travis Wade. 
"The veteran has no known family, and veterans honor each other," said Ret. Lt. Colonel U.S. Army Ray Adkins.
Larry Palmer the Commander of the American Legion Post 95 is in the honor guard who attended Wednesday's ceremony. 
"We said immediately we will be there. It's not a question of if, it's a question of when they want us," said Palmer.  
Schober says if she could talk to Deal one more time, she would tell him just how much he meant to her. 
"I was so honored to take care of you as long as I could, may you rest easy, you're no longer in pain and I'll meet you again one day," said Schober. 
Now Deal is resting at the front of the Chattanooga National Cemetery.