After planning it for months, the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office put their plan for a “Safe Exchange Zone” into action.

Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk says "We worked on some inside network things to make sure we had good camera coverage and added a few cameras to our parking lot so we would have good camera coverage as well."

Sisk says the parking lot, located on Highway 41, will have 24/7 video surveillance to capture anyone who may be getting scammed or put in danger.

The Sheriff's Office has received calls in the past about people who have been ripped off when buying and selling things online. They felt it was important to make exchanges safer for the community.

"It's pretty regular that we do and then we hear of things happening in other places as well so we take heed to those warnings,” claims Sisk.

Catoosa County has received positive feedback from surrounding counties that have exchange zones and Sisk wanted his community to feel at peace too. "We want people to know that there's a safe place you can come to and exchange your properties here at the Sheriff's Office.”

Sisk has high hopes for the safety zone. He hopes if people will utilize the exchange zones “it should reduce the number of scams we hear about."

Even with 24-hour video surveillance, the Sheriff's Office still recommends you do your exchange in the daylight and be sure to tell a friend where you are going.