Two Hamilton County deputies are named in a lawsuit claiming a deputy baptized a woman. He was reportedly wearing only his boxers during a traffic stop.

The suit names Deputy Daniel Wilkey and Deputy Jacob Goforth. The incident reportedly happened back in February.

Shandle Riley claims Deputy Wilkey pulled her over for a traffic stop. He believed she had meth and he searched her. She admitted to having the remains of a joint in the car. According to the suit, Deputy Wilkey said that God was talking to him during the vehicle search and he felt the Lord wanted him to baptize Riley.

Deputy Wilkey reportedly then told Riley if she would let him baptize her, he would only issue a citation for marijuana and would not take her to jail. Deputy Wilkey then told Riley to follow him to a boat ramp at Soddy lake, where Riley says Wilkey baptized her while he was wearing only his underwear.

Another deputy, Jacob Goforth, arrived around that time. Deputy Wilkey said he was there as a witness. Riley claims Deputy Goforth never tried to stop what was happening.

Riley is asking for $10 million dollars in punitive damages.