Air conditioning issues made for a warm couple of days at Westview Elementary.

Parents tell Channel 3, their children noticed the A/C was off Monday during benchmark testing.

An air conditioning unit serving about eight classrooms first broke down Monday morning.

"The heat that we're dealing with and everyone is dealing with in the area is difficult on the equipment,” Department of Education spokesperson Tim Hensley said.

Hensley says maintenance crews came out to repair the unit. The school did bring in extra fans, and gave teachers the option to move to other rooms.

"Two of those classes did move to another area of the building. The others as they looked at it felt like they could stay in their class, and extra fans and things being brought it,” he said.

The unit was fixed, but shut down again Monday evening. A parent shared photos from the school with Channel 3 Tuesday. She says fans were brought in again and lights were turned off.

"Everything was good for quite a while and then it stopped again,” Hensley said. “So it wasn't an entire day without air conditioning."

Some students were completing benchmark testing over the past two days. Hensley says Westview's principal kept an eye on the situation, and felt school could continue as normal.

"The things that were going on in the class were not anything that was graded or anything that would impact the student's grade,” he said.

He says things should be back to normal now, but crews stayed at Westview throughout the day Tuesday to make sure students kept cool.