A mother in Chatsworth is mourning the loss of her son after he was killed in San Diego, California. 

Reports show 37-year-old Jason Holsinger was riding his bike around a barricade when a train hit him. 

Her son Jason, or as his friends say 'Jay', lived his whole life in Chatsworth, Georgia before moving to California a year ago. 

She says the last few days without him have been the hardest days of her life. 

"I just want to hold him-- I just want to touch him one more time," she said. 

Melody Tenney lives in Chatsworth, Georgia-- but her heart is 1800 miles away in San Diego. 

"Of course I know as a mother-- you always think your kid is the greatest thing-- but Jay was terribly special," said Tenney. 

On Thursday her son Jay was riding his bike in San Diego to meet up with friends for dinner-- but he never made it to the restaurant. 

She says he went around a barricade where an Amtrak train going 63 miles per hour killed him instantly. 

"It's nothing anyone should have to hear-- no mother," said Tenney. 

They saw each other a month ago when he visited Chatsworth. 

"I didn't want him to leave and I begged him not to go-- but he said mom I'm happier than I've ever been in my life," said Chatsworth. 

She says Jay was loved by the community and this is a great loss. 

"It's probably cliche-- but all mothers, hold your children tightly. Let them know you love them every day-- you're never promised the next one," Tenney said. 

She says Jay was an organ donor and knowing that parts of him will live on through others gives her comfort. 

She plans to have a funeral in Chatsworth once his remains make it home.