An injured Colorado Springs police officer and his family received the surprise of their lives Friday morning when John Cena showed up at their home.

Back in 2018, Cem Duzel was shot in the head and critically injured during an exchange of gunfire with an armed suspect. Since then, the Colorado Springs Police Department has been trying to get his hero, WWE star and actor John Cena, to visit the officer while he continues to recover from the shooting.

Their work paid off when Cena stopped by the officer's home in New York for a visit of a lifetime.

"Remember all those posts of a John Cena figurine showing up around the police station, encouraging the WWE star to visit Officer Duzel in person?" the police department announced. "Well, it finally happened!"

“Thank you to everyone in our community who helped make this happen for Officer Duzel, and thank you to John Cena for supporting our hero along his journey!” the post continued. “We are amazed, humbled, and beyond thankful.”

Many fans took to the comments section of the post to send well wishes to Officer Duzel and to applaud Cena for taking the time to honor the injured hero.

"That makes my day. Love that it happened. John Cena rocks and Officer Duzel still keeping you and your family in my prayers," one wrote.

Another added, "I'm so glad this finally happened for him! Might have teared up at these pictures."

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