UPDATE: Ellen DeGeneres surprised 14-year-old twin brothers Amari Toran (aka AT), Amarion Toran (aka Marion) and their 15-year-old cousin Deshundre Vinson (aka Dre) on Monday.

The trio, called Citi Limitz, is from East Chattanooga.

After wowing the crowd on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Dre, Marion, and AT are back home in Chattanooga still taking in the experience of a lifetime.

"We didn't think we were going to meet Ellen. Then they surprised us. At the show, they surprised us," Citi Limitz said.

The group thought they were going to California to be part of Ellen's YouTube series. But then, they were called down on stage.

"I don't get nervous for shows no more. I was dead nervous that day, to meet her. It was the crowd, we loved it," they added.

The trio has been singing for most of their lives and performing together as Citi Limitz for the last three years.

They sell CD's and perform in the parking lots of gas stations and grocery stores and also rely on social media to catch the attention of anyone who will listen.

They don't stick to one kind of genre, but rather challenge themselves.

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to have one more surprise up her sleeve, giving the trio $10,000 each. But instead of spending the money on themselves, they plan on giving it to Chattanooga's homeless.

"We'll give away food. Haircuts. Free haircuts. Gloves. Braids. Jackets. Because you know the winter is starting to come out," they said.

And their reason why is simple.

"We never was raised to be selfish," the trio said. "Never."

For Citi Limitz, the future is bright.

They want to continue playing shows with the hope of one day making it big.

PREVIOUS STORY: Be sure to catch the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday.

The singing trio Citi Limitz, from Chattanooga, will be performing.

Twin brothers A.T. and Amarion Toran, both 14, and their cousin Dre Vinson, 15, have been singing for most of their lives.

They've been a group for the last three years.

Watch the video to check out how they caught Ellen's attention.

Tune in Monday at 3:00 pm to watch them perform and a special surprise from Ellen.

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 You can hear more from Citi Limitz on their Facebook page.