A neighbor's actions saved a family and their dogs Friday morning from their burning home in Whitwell. 

Neighbors say the family won't ever be able to live in the home again, but they're just glad everyone made it out alive. 

"It's a total loss, there's nothing you can do but just tear it down," said Stuart Morrison who lives nearby. 

Morrison says it was a scary scene to wake up to.

"I was woken by the fire trucks and fire engines this morning-- the neighbor's house was on fire," Morrison told Channel 3. 

A fire started in the house around 1:30 Friday morning-- while a family was still asleep inside. 

"The fire alarms were actually going off and they still didn't hear it, they were in the bed," recalled Morrison. 

That's when Morrison said a neighbor did the neighborly thing.

"They was able to go in the house and holler at them and get them out of bed," said Morrison. 

He says a woman across the street helped save two children, two adults, and five dogs from the flames.

"The neighbors helped them get out-- thank God," Morrison recalled.

Stuart says after the family got out, the fire ripped through the roof.

"It was over the top of the trees-- them trees are probably 60 feet tall and I guess it was going up that high with them," said Morrison. 

The neighbor who woke them up wasn't home to interview. 

The Whitwell fire chief tells Channel 3 they don't know what caused the fire-- but nothing seems to be suspicious. The Red Cross is helping the family.