Chattanooga Fire Department officials say a blaze that destroyed part of a home on Bailey Avenue Thursday night was caused by a cigarette not being put out properly.

Now they have a message for others with dry weather conditions expected to continue.

The home's smoke alarm could still be heard sounding off one day after Chattanooga Fire Battalion Chief Dave Thompson says its back porch was engulfed in flames.

"Obviously those are accidents and they're horrible situations," he said.

Thompson told Channel 3 they believe those flames were caused by a cigarette butt that was still lit.

"It evidently caught part of the porch on fire, which evidently caught part of the house on fire," he explained.

With much of the home's back porch now gone, Thompson says it isn't the first time he's seen an incident like this.

"Hopefully they can be stopped really quickly. Sometimes they don't and I think the Bailey Avenue fire is an example of one," he said.

He says dry conditions the area has been experiencing can only increase the likelihood of it happening again.

"The dryer it is outside the easier it is for things to burn," Thompson said.

They're urging people who do smoke to be careful when throwing away lit cigarettes.

"You have to make sure that you dispose of your smoking materials correctly and right now you shouldn't be burning anything because it is so dry," he added.

Luckily there were no injuries reported in this case. The three occupants inside the home were able to make it out safely before fire crews arrived on scene. However, the damage the home is estimated at $50,000.