"Just two goofy high school football players who enjoy the football team and being out where with everybody," Red Bank quarterback Madox Wilkey said.

Two goofy dudes putting up even more goofy numbers. The quarterback, wide receiver connection is special in the game of football. A perfect example is Red Bank's Madox Wilkey and Lucas Brown.

"Oh we're just like brothers. I give him a hug every time I see him. He may not like it, but I give him a hug, rub his head a couple of times, it's like we're brothers man," Lucas Brown said.

Well the hugs must be working. Wilkey has already thrown for over 1,000 yards through five games with 10 touchdowns. Seven of them to his favorite target. Brown is well on pace to eclipse his 800 plus yard receiving mark from 2018 with 638 yards already and he has some big plans.

"That's what I told Madox at the beginning of the season. I said, Madox, I'm going for a 1,000 yards. He said, alright, and gave me a fist bump," Brown said.

"I said, well, if you can do that it make me happy. I mean, taking away half my stats," Wilkey said.

Numbers don't lie, but beyond the stats is what stands out most to their head coach Chris Brown.

"With the talent Madox has throwing the football and the natural ability Lucas has to catch it, it was going to happen regardless. They're both selfless, they both play within the scheme, they just happen to connect many, many times," Chris Brown said.

It's the brotherhood of football that lasts a lifetime. The Wilkey to Brown connection on the field may have an end date, off the field, not a chance. And their bond may just bring state title number two back to Red Bank.

"I'd say he's one of my best friends. We've played football together since middle school, so we got a good relationship on the field, and off the field. We connect out here," Wilkey said.

"With him just leading us and keep doing what he's doing, I think we'll go pretty far. That's Madox, he knows what he's doing," Brown said.