Construction on a memorial honoring Chattanooga's 'Fallen Five' is almost finished. Thursday morning marked the beginning of the installment process for the project organizers have been working on since 2016.

The ode to those five officers comes four years after the July 16th terrorist attack that claimed their lives

"It took some planning to get us here and it's been about two years in the design and creation process," Director of Public Art Katelyn Kirnie told Channel 3. "I think it's just really going to be a powerful experience and everyone is going to experience it differently."

Shane Allbritton, one of the artists behind the memorial, tells Channel 3 the goal was to honor the lives of the fallen five while also paying homage to the people they vowed to protect.

"It is unique in that the memorial not only reflects the service members, it also reflects the community," she explained.

Five stone pillars surround a gold metal wreath that is suspended in the air on the memorial titled the "Wreath of Honor". Displayed on the wreath are words and phrases like "honor", "courage", "Nooga strong" and "never forget".

"We took the voices of the people and inscribed them into the wreath," Allbritton said.

Kirnie says there's still more to be done before it makes its official debut.

"Next week we will have all the landscaping go in. We have five beautiful oak trees that will be installed around the site," she described.

They're hoping the memorial display will serve the community as a quiet place to reflect on the past and take pride in the city's future.

The fundraising goal to cover this entire project was $825,000 and organizers told Channel 3 they were very grateful to the residents who helped make it a reality through their generous donations.

The family members of those servicemen will be in town early next month for a private ceremony and viewing of the memorial.

The memorial will be open to the public to view on October 19th. They're asking people not to visit the site until then.