The Whitfield County Sheriff says he suspects no foul play in the death of a person who was found dead inside a vehicle submerged in a pond. A passerby spotted the vehicle and reported it to 911. 

We still haven't gotten word on what kind of vehicle the person was found in, but county coroner Greg Bates says he has identified the vehicle owner. However, it is not clear if that is who was found dead inside the car. 

"That was the first place we started was with the registered owner of that vehicle. At this point I haven't been able to make contact with the registered owner's next of kin," Bates explained over the phone. 

Meanwhile, neighbors are trying to fathom how this happened. 

Ronnie Hammons sits on his porch every day to enjoy the view. On Wednesday, police who were focused on the pond just feet from his front yard disrupted that peaceful view.

"You seen fire trucks over there. You seen all the police vehicles, all your first responders," he said.

Hammons, his wife, and neighbors, watched as rescue crews pulled a vehicle from the pond. 

Hammons says it took officers hours to pull the vehicle out of the water. Investigators say it had been there for possibly months.

"It was moss-covered and you couldn't tell what it was. You could see the vehicle but you could not tell," Hammons explained.

It wasn't until then, he learned crews found a body inside.

As Bates awaits autopsy results and investigators works to determine how the vehicle ended up in the pond, Hammons says it's not something he will forget.

"It's going to be different, but you know this is my home," he said. "Still the same lake from here looking out there even though that happened."