Every day is a chance to do something you didn’t think you could do. When 85-year-old Andrea Harrison works out at the Piedmont Newnan Hospital Fitness Center in Newnan, she proves that to everyone around her. 

“To walk in here and do these machines may seem impossible,” she said.

But, she persists anyway.

“She is a huge inspiration to everyone here at the fitness center,” said Jessica Griffith, one of the employees.

Harrison inspires her family too. 

“I am Gammy,” she said smiling. “I am mother to six, grandmother to 14, and I have four great-grands.”

She comes to the gym a few times a week to lift weights and she runs about 11 miles a week. 

“It gives me a goal,” she said. “It’s a great reason to get up and embrace the day.” 

Andrea always loved sports but grew up at a time when there weren’t sports teams for young women.  She started running at 50 when her son wanted to start a cross country team. 

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