UPDATE: Two suspects connected to the deaths of James Ledford and Jaclyn Carroll (Markcloud) have been arrested by Cleveland police.

Christopher Mardrie Roberson and Alfonvo Montell Johnson have been charged with 1st Degree Murder (two counts), Conspiracy to Commit 1st Degree Murder and Tampering with Evidence.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Jaclyn Carroll aka Jaclyn Markcloud’s family has identified her as the body found on Wednesday night in Cleveland.

The Cleveland Police Department released that information but said they’re waiting to confirm it’s her until after the autopsy is complete, as standard procedure.

Anna Grose is Markcloud’s oldest sister. Grose says she used to call her sister Jackie.

She says that she was hoping and praying for Markcloud to be alive, so when she was told about her death, she went numb.

She says the last time she spoke to Markcloud was two weeks ago, and small communications used to give Grose peace of mind that she was safe.

“At least we would get a phone call once in a week, or I would get a letter, or a text message saying, ‘Hey it’s me Jackie, just letting you know I’m still alive.’ Now I know I won’t ever have that again,” said Grose.

Grose knows that there will be justice for her sister.

“Whoever did this, they’re going to find them, and I know they’re going to find them, and I want people to know that she was a human being and she’s not just a news story,” said Grose.

Markcloud’s death marks the third homicide in a week. Sgt. Evie West, public information officer with the Cleveland Police Department says they usually average one to two a year.

She also says that they believe Wednesday night’s homicide is connected to James Ledford’s homicide that happened on Monday.

“We understand what happened Friday night at CBC but then we had two bodies that showed up in two different places in the city it caused some fear in our citizens, and so I think that this is a this is good that were able to connect these two and another thing we want to communicate to our public that these were not random acts of violence but they were targeted individuals,” said West.

Cleveland Police Chief Mark Gibson says they’re chasing down every lead, and they’re working tirelessly to solve these homicides.

“The luxury that we have for our community, is that we have the ability to utilize our complete department,” said Chief Gibson.

If you have any information please call (423) 476-1121.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland Police say family members have identified the body of the female found on McCann Drive as Jaclyn Kay Carroll (Markcloud). Investigators are waiting for official confirmation from the Medical Examiner after the autopsy is completed. 

Police released this statement Friday morning saying they "also believe that there is a connection between this female homicide victim and the Ledford homicide. These homicides do not appear to be random acts of violence, rather crimes that were committed against specifically targeted individuals."

PREVIOUS STORY: The body found in the wooded area off McCann Drive has been identified as female.

Cleveland PD says the body is currently in the custody of the Medical Examiner’s Office.

When the autopsy results are released, confirmation of the identity will be made after the next of kin is notified. 

Cleveland PD says they believe this death is a homicide and will be investigated as such.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A death investigation is underway after a body was found in a wooded area in Cleveland on Wednesday evening.

The discovery was made around 7:00 p.m. off McCann Drive SE.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Evie West confirms the discovery and says investigators are working to learn more.

This is the second body found in the city of Cleveland this week.

On Monday, the body of 38-year-old James “Pocket” Ledford was found just over a mile away on S. Ocoee Street. Police say a separate case involving a missing woman, 42-year old Jaclyn Markcloud, is connected to the Ledford's homicide.

Police have not said if the body found on McCann Drive SE is connected to the homicide investigation or the case of the missing woman.

Police say there is no danger to the public.