Now that fall is here, several local corn mazes and pumpkin patches are opening up this week. One of them is See Rock City's Blowing Springs Farm in Flintstone, Georgia.

Rock City's owner started the Enchanted Corn Maze almost 20 years ago and now, it has morphed into an entire fall event at Blowing Springs Farm.
The annual corn maze will open on Friday morning, September 27.

Creating a good corn maze is a year-round process.

The work starts by clearing out the old corn at the end of the previous season and then turning the field's soil to allow nutrients to rise up.

"We typically don't plant our corn for the maze until about the first week in July or right at the end of June, and that is so that as the corn matures, that it fits within the time frame of our event,” Jeff Raabe, Operations Director of See Rock City, Inc explained about the summer timing. 

They plant a variety called salvage corn, which is typically used to feed animals, so it looks different than stalks farmed for corn on the cob for people to eat.

Blowing Springs Farm then works with a company out of Utah to design the maze pattern and cut it into the young corn plants in mid-July.

"They go through cutting the corn, following that GPS system, to cut the trails in the corn that's only 6 to 8 inches at that point. You come out here, and it's hard to believe that our design has been cut in because you don't see anything," described Raabe.

As the stalks grow, then the maze paths start to show up.

This year's design theme is "Hop on the Cow Train."

The maze features a cow's head and plenty of offshoots for people to explore.

Unfortunately, there was an impact of this year's hot, dry weather shortening the corn's height slightly.

"The good news is right when we planted the corn, we actually got some rain. Right there at the end of June. And what's important for corn, the most important part for corn to germinate is moisture when you plant it," Raabe stated positively.

Because of the early rain, Raabe said that they are still pleased with the corn height. Stalks vary between 3 to 7 feet tall.

Most are done growing vertically at this time but will still thicken up over the next month.

Other farm activities include duck races, yard games, the critter corral, hayrides, a pumpkin market, and more.

"We have our peddle car races that are announced races that the kids and adults can actually get in," said Raabe of additional activities.

Blowing Springs Farm is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until October 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Seven o’clock is when they sell the last tickets, but they won't officially close until it becomes dark.

Tickets are $10 and children ages 3 and under are free. Click here for more information.