A 6th grader at Copper Basin Elementary School and her family have made it an effort to make sure that everyone at school gets a tie-dye t-shirt. 

Riley Akens, and a group of friends had a tie-dye t-shirt party to get ready for spirit day, and everyone was invited, but not everyone could come.

"Yeah other kids were seeing them, and I told momma that there were a bunch of people with the shirts and there were a bunch of people complimenting them that didn't have them," said Akens. 

Akens and her mom want everyone who wants a shirt to get a shirt.

"Because there's just so much drama that goes around now, and like I said we just hate seeing people left out and we want people to feel good about theirselves," said Akens. 

Principal Janessa Nipper says the tie-dye party kicked off everyone's interest in the shirts.

"I think they probably did near 40 at that point, and as we were hearing the interest for others and we ordered shirts, we're in the 320s now. We have 326 kids at our school and everyone will have one," said Nipper. 

She says this is exactly what they try to teach their students. 

"We told them that strength comes from in those friends that can make other people feel good about themselves. To see that actually catching on, to see the kindness, and to hear the kids talk about the kindness and sharing love and doing good things for each other that's exactly what I want for our school," said Nipper. 

The shirts came from donations, and the tie-dye was purchased by the Akens family. 

"It's kind of like our school community is a family, and their family is just one of many that has a heart to serve," said Nipper. 

Nipper says it makes her excited for the future that a student and a student body want everyone to feel included. 

Akens says she knows what it's like to be left out, and doesn't want anyone else to feel that way.

"I want to help those people and I don't want them to feel left out because I know how that feels... like it's awful," said Akens. "I feel like that little bit of kindness can just make everything better."