CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WCNC) — A trip from the airport in a Lyft ended with police ramming an SUV, breaking a window and pointing a gun at innocent passenger Wes Wilson Friday night in Charlotte. Wilson, a journalist from Texas, said he was shocked to later find out his Lyft driver was wanted for a recent drive-by shooting.

"I was frustrated and angry and it was ridiculous that it happened," Wilson said.

Pictures taken that night show broken glass scattered across the passenger seat and a gun in the front seat.

"Thank God he didn't start using it," Wilson said.

Wilson said his ride went from routine to risky in a matter of seconds Friday night.

"All of a sudden (the driver's) like, 'Oh s---, I think the cops are following me,'" he said.

As his Lyft drove down Wilkinson Boulevard around 7:30 p.m., unknown to both the SUV's driver and passenger, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Crime Reduction Unit plotted a takedown.

"All of a sudden the lights are on, the sirens are on," Wilson said. "The officer comes up and he's got his gun on me. All this glass sprays me. I kind of jerk back a little bit and I can feel the glass digging in my back. He's yelling at me to, 'Get out of the car. Get out of the car.' In the initial moment, I was thinking, what do I need to do to not get shot? I've done nothing wrong.'"

It wasn't until after police detained Wilson that he learned his highly rated Lyft driver "Bruce" was really Dominick Kroma, a man Matthews police wanted arrested for firing shots at a home the day before.

"It was a shock to officers when they realized I was a Lyft passenger," Wilson said.

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