A Florida grandmother is accused of killing her disabled grandson by drugging him because she was concerned about who would care for him when she passed away.

Joel Parks, 30, was found dead Sunday in his grandmother's apartment in Bradenton, north of Sarasota, Bradenton Police Department Capt. Brian Thiers said during a news conference on Tuesday night. Parks' sister discovered his body, Thiers said.

His grandmother, Lillian Parks, made "spontaneous" and "concerning" remarks that she had purposefully overdosed the man "with the intent of taking his life," Thiers said. It was not immediately known what drug was used.

She told police she "was worried about who would be caring for him in the event that he passed away."

Thiers said Joel, who was "unable to care for himself," stayed in a home during the week and with Lillian on the weekends. He father had died and he was estranged from his mother.

Lillian Parks is in protective medical custody, Thiers said. Charges against her are pending, and she will be arrested when she is medically cleared.