A typical day for Minister Steven Muhammad working in the community ended with a scary encounter where he and his wife were victims of a crime.

"We were in the car and two young men came and ran up on us with AK- 47s, my wife and I," Muhammad recalled.

According to police, officers were called to Greenbriar Parkway to respond to a carjacking Sept. 24 just after midnight.

The minister and local political activist said he had just finished dropping off volunteers who were helping with an upcoming festival. He said that's when he saw the suspects - who looked like they were teens - running towards him and his wife.

"We were just caught by surprise," he said.

"My wife is kind of traumatized from it, it was very scary," he explained.

Muhammad gave up $240 in cash, the keys to his gray Dodge Durango, and other personal items. Police said the armed suspects took off.

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