Tracy City funds the fire department, but Chief Lester Kilgore says it's only enough to keep the lights on.

When it comes to the equipment and paying for training, it's up to the volunteer firefighters to find a way to save lives. That's why they've brought in David Jones to help raise money.

Jones is known as a professional solicitor with his personal business “Rescuing the Perishing Through Funds” (RTPTF). For the past 12 years, he's been on a mission to help volunteer fire departments.

Jones says Chief Kilgore called him about a month ago asking for help raising money.

“They receive funds from the government but sometimes it's not enough because the government that they're in doesn't have that much money,” he said.

Chief Kilgore tells us they're understaffed with just 11 volunteers, who need training.

“That costs money that the volunteers individually they don't have themselves,” Jones said.

Chief Kilgore says their equipment and fire station are outdated. He says their extrication gear is from the 80's and barely operable. On top of that, his office is an old jail cell with metal walls and ceiling.

But Kilgore says the city can't afford to pay for it all. It's why Jones is going door to door asking Tracy City to pitch in.

“I'm hoping to raise them anywhere between $4,000 to $6,000,” Jones said.

He plans to knock on at least a thousand doors throughout the city. Anyone who donates to the Tracy City volunteer fire station will receive a free 10 by 13 family portrait. The professional shoot will be done at the fire station. The donations are tax deductible.

For more information about the donations, call David Jones at 423-902-3934 or send him an email.