Fire crews in the Tennessee Valley are changing their response to fires because of the dry weather.

"We have not had rain and a constant downpour of rain for several, several weeks now," Amy Maxwell, Public Information Officer with Hamilton County Emergency Management said.

Firefighters with the Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department were busy Monday fighting fires.

Maxwell said the dry conditions helped the flames spread.

"We're starting to see the same pattern as we did back in 2016 where we started to develop into a drought," she added.

Crews worked for hours on the side of I-75 near the Hamilton/Bradley County line to put out a brush fire.

Hours later, extra crews responded to a fire in Collegedale to help put out flames that spread.

Maxwell said the response is something several volunteer fire departments are doing in the Tennessee Valley during the drought season.

"So we have crews that are actually fighting the structure fire, and then also we have another crew that are fighting the woods fire or brush fires," she said.

While there isn't a burn ban in effect in Hamilton County right now, Maxwell said it's important to be mindful when burning anything.

"Hopefully we get some rain in the next few days and we won't have windy conditions to go with it," she said.

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