In a matter of days, Canada's newest author will make his debut. 

Dr. Jeff Sutherland, who's living with ALS, decided to write a book with the only part of his body he can control.... his eyes.

"A terminal disease enables me to know that I have a limited time to express the important things about life."

He was a physician and chief of staff at an Ontario hospital, father of three boys, who at 41 was diagnosed with this paralyzing disease.

He quickly lost the ability to move his limbs, then to breathe.

His wife Darlene Sutherland says, "The prognosis was that it 80% passed within 3-5 years of diagnosis. He's 12 years.

It is a daunting disease, in the midst of it, the couple lost their eldest son Zach and his girlfriend in a kayaking accident on the river running behind their home.

Heartbroken he poured himself into writing with a computer that tracks his eyes as he looks at each letter, as he spells out his thoughts.

Ken Whyte, a publisher with Sutherland Press, says, "With just your eyes one word at a time. 15 words a minute. That's an incredible achievement."

Sutherland sent his draft to publisher Ken Whyte, who calls the book and its message uplifting.

Ken Whyte "Whatever loss you suffer in your life, there is a way through it, I have been through it.... I can guide you. it is a very optimistic book."

Dr. Jeff Sutherland, "If I can find peace, I hope other that people who have had loss can find peace and joy in their lives."

And as he prepares for the book launch, Dr. Sutherlands' message, "We can't stop adversity ...but we do have a choice in how it defines our future."