Construction continues at Exit 348 on I-75 in Ringgold. Monday night GDOT crews will shut down all northbound lanes on I-75 between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am at that exit and redirecting traffic onto the on-ramp. 

Jordan Clement, Area Two Manager with GDOT said that they are working on bringing that bridge up to current standard.

"It needed to meet our current standards, we were raising the bridge, we were improving the bridge as far as structural and the capacity it's being raised, and it's also being widened," said Clement.

Waffle House manager Jason Sneed said the construction at Exit 348 and SR 151 hasn't been good for business, they're not making as much as they used to.

"About $400 a day on average," said Sneed. "We were up to $3,000 a day and now we're down to about $2,400/$2,500."

Sneed said it's an overall headache. 

"Getting up and down the street is hard enough, said Sneed. "The interstate gets blocked off, it's pretty rough."

This time they're shutting down the interstate so that crews can work safely on the bridge. They're setting new beams as part of updating the bridge.

"Due to the staging, we're going to actually have to have cranes in very close proximity to the interstate," said Clement.

Clement said this is a $36,000,000 dollar project that started in June 2017, and isn't expected to be completed until September 2021. 

"We still have a lot of the widening as far as completing the new travel lanes," said Clement. 

He said that they have to complete the new lanes before they begin work on the old lanes. 

"We have to do that first, and then once we get that completed we have to move traffic over and shift them onto that side of the road," said Clement. 

Sneed said he knows this is necessary, but he's ready for it to end. 

"Of course because I get paid on salary, on increase, so I'm not getting any increase right now, right now I'm in the hole. So it costs me a little money," said Sneed.