During the turn of the 20th century, the areas around the Hiwassee River in Bradley County and McMinn County were under-served by the medical community. That was until Dr. Henry Taylor came to the region.

"He came to Calhoun soon after he started his practice,” explained his granddaughter Ruth Anne Meyers. “Around 19 and 4. And he practiced until 1946."

The folks in the area called on the doctor day and night.

"He was a very remarkable man of course,” his granddaughter remembered. “He worked 24/7. There were people ringing the doorbell all hours of the day and the night, the phone was ringing. Sometimes he'd get a call in the middle of the night and he'd get up and leave and go deliver a baby usually."

Upon retirement in 1946, Dr. Taylor had been the physician at nearly nine-thousand births. A photograph at the Hiwassee River Heritage Center shows hundreds of those faces that came to celebrate his career.

"He never did turn anybody away,” said Meyers. “It really didn't matter if they had money to pay him or not. Because the ones that didn't pay usually gave him produce or fresh meat when they killed a hog. It didn't occur to him, do I need to see them because they're gonna pay me. He was very, very dedicated. I can't imagine anyone more dedicated to what they were doing more than he was."