A salty, mouthwatering pretzel doodle is how Google is welcoming Oktoberfest, a 16-day celebration known as the Bavarian fall festival.

Today's especially delicious doodle is a short video tribute showing pretzel dough being transformed into the golden knotted treats so many people know and love.

Google said the pretzels were baked by a local German Bakery in California.

"Today's Doodle, freshly baked by Esther's German Bakery, celebrates the one and only pretzel — one of the world's most versatile and beloved foods!" said Google. "As Oktoberfest, the Bavarian fall festival, begins today, Brotfrauen (or bread ladies) will be carrying baskets of chewy Brezeln through Bierhallen (massive tents) in Germany, the center of Oktoberfest revelry."

Oktoberfest, which runs from Sep. 21 to Oct. 6, began as a German festival before turning into a worldwide holiday celebrating traditional German culture, food (including pretzels), and lots and lots of beer.

Around 6 million people will attend the annual festival in the German capital of Munich while other cities around the world will hold their own Oktoberfest festivities.