UPDATE: Suspect Karla Clausell has been charged with first-degree murder.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland Police say one woman is dead following a shooting at CBC Cleveland. Sgt. Evie West says Cleveland Police responded shortly after 11 o'clock Friday night. 

"There were multiple patrons of the bar that were around the parking lot. They did find a female victim that was lying in the parking lot with apparent gun shot wounds," she said. 

According to the police department, the victim's name was Miranda Stamper. 

West said there was an altercation in the parking lot that led to the shooting. Police took one female suspect, identified as Karla Clausell, into custody.

Stamper was taken to the hospital, where she died from her injuries. 

West says there were more than 40 people in the parking lot, so police had a crowded scene to handle. Now, they're looking to the public for help as they try to determine what happened. 

"We're still interviewing witnesses, we're still interviewing people that were around this area, that know things about it," West said. "We're just requesting help from anyone in the community that might know information about this that can tell us about it."

An investigation is ongoing. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland Police say one woman is dead following a shooting at CBC Cleveland. 

Police say an altercation led to the shooting.

One suspect is in custody.

An investigation is ongoing.

PREVIOUS STORY: The Cleveland Police Department is investigating a shooting at CBC Cleveland.

Spokeswoman Evie West says one victim has life-threatening injuries.

West says one person has been detained.  

Channel 3 has a crew on the way.

This is a developing story, stay with us for updates.