Across the world, people are protesting climate change. 

This is in connection to the climate summit taking place in New York on September 23, 2019. 

Hundreds gathered in front of the aquarium, hoping to get the attention of not just leaders in Washington but Chattanooga as well. 

"I'm here today because I really believe in the climate change and that it's a real thing," said protester Christina Coston. 

Many brought cardboard signs to express their views. 

'Don't be a fossil fool', 'Keep our climate from crashing', and 'The next flood won't be biblical,' were just a few of the saying protesters painted on the posters. 

"I really hope that leaders see the impact that's happening right now on the climate," Coston told Channel 3. 

The Chattanooga climate protest was just one of many across the globe. 

"I hope that this brings forth a wave of people in congress and people in our government realizing this is an issue," protester Reece Wearing told Channel 3. 

Wearing says the planet is in dire condition. 

"This is happening and people are still very adamantly stuck against no it's not," said Wearing. 

A handful of speakers voiced their concerns today talking about rejoining the Paris Deal and declaring climate change a national emergency.

"It's super important that we come out and we make a stand so that political leaders and others can see this is a real thing and that we need to make a difference," said Coston.