FARRAGUT, TN — A Knoxville woman is still regaining feeling in her hands after multiple surgeries to stop a flesh-eating bacteria.

Jayne Sharp said she contracted it after she was cut at a local nail salon. She is a mother, grandmother and a retired dental hygienist.

"I entertain all the time, I play cards," she said.

Those things are a little harder to do now.

"I can't shuffle cards when I play bridge," she said.

For a while, Sharp could barely use her right hand.

"I couldn't even floss my own teeth," she said.

Earlier this spring, Sharp wasn't sure she'd still be alive to tell the story of how a cut turned into much more.

It started, she said, with a manicure at Jazzy Nail Bar in Turkey Creek.

"While I was there I got stuck on my thumb and I went 'ouch' but I went back to looking at my telephone," said Sharp.

Flesh-eating bacteria can exist anywhere and generally infects people through a break in the skin, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. The skin can be broken by cuts, scrapes, burns and bug bites.

While there is no way to say with complete certainty where the bacteria originated, Sharp said the symptoms started soon after the cut at the salon.

Later that day her thumb started throbbing, and then she couldn't sleep she felt so sick.