UPDATE: Some people may have been getting robocalls, that were claiming to be EPB, these calls are demanding immediate payment otherwise their electric would be cut off. EPB wants people to know this is a scam. 

J. Ed Marston with EPB explained the red flags. 

"And that is not something that EPB ever does. The call does claim to be from Electric Power Board, we call ourselves EPB now and do not reference that full name," said Marston. 

The area code of the phone number that the robocall is coming from is wrong. 

"Another thing that is weird about these calls is that it is an 888 area code, we're a local company our area code is 423," said Marston. 

He said what does make these situations difficult is that EPB does call their customers frequently. 

"If we call, we might ask you to call back for more information, but we would not demand immediate payment in a voicemail," said Marston. 

He said even though this robocall is a scam, that doesn't mean all robocalls from EPB are scams. 

"There are instances where we do robocalls because there are so many people we need to notify for specific things, so I can't say it's never going to be a robocall," said Marston. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga's EPB reports that some customers are receiving robo calls demanding immediate payment for their electric/fiber bills to avoid disconnection.

EPB says many of these calls have an 888 area code and should be disregarded.

J.Ed. Marston of EPB says real EPB calls have a 423 area code, and they never request payment in the message but simply ask customers to call for more information.