The Hamilton County Parks and Recreation director says they were forced to take action, after campers complained of overly-aggressive raccoons at the Chester Frost campsite.

The TWRA was called in to euthanize a number of raccoons at Chester Frost this week. 

"We've seen them get into trash cans, we've seen them try and get into dumpsters," said Tom Lamb, the Parks and Rec director for Hamilton County. 

These animals have a mind of their own. 

"They've even learned how to unzip tents in some cases," Lamb told Channel 3. 

He says they've received complaints from campers about the raccoons.

"The raccoons are coming in and showing aggressive behavior," said Lamb. 

Campers say the raccoons don't fear people. 

"They were right here-- just the whole time we've been here," said camper Tracy Thurman. 

Thurman says she experienced the animal first hand while camping Wednesday night. 

"As soon as I opened my fries, he was just right there. It scared the pee out of me," Thurman told Channel 3. 

She says the raccoons didn't make her feel unsafe but Parks and Rec isn't taking leaving anything to chance. A number of raccoons were euthanized this week.

"Our first priority has to be public safety," said Thurman. 

While the park feels this will make the campground safer, the idea of euthanized raccoons has some people upset. 

"I'm really disturbed that in one of the few places that should be safe for them that they are going through and killing them for evidently no reason," said Juniper Russo. 

Juniper Russo-- a wild life rehabilitator-- says parks are one of the last places wild life can continue being wild. 

"When you take that away from them-- it's cruel and unnecessary and completely ineffective," said Russo. 

For Parks and Rec, people come first. They say somebody could end up with rabies if this problem goes unchecked. 

"This is the only park and the only place within this park and the only place within this park we've had to take this kind of action and it's not something we enjoy doing," said Lamb.