Thousands of members in the United Auto Works Union are now in day four of their strike again General Motors. 

GM says it's been getting ready for the strike for some time.

While there's no active strike in the Tennessee Valley, the strike could impact car repairs. 

Nathan Gayler works at Padgett's Red Bank Auto Repair. 

"You have to be concerned about things like that happening," Gayler said. "I know from my experience that we have time before things get bad. But there will be some shortages I'm sure."

While they haven't run into any issues yet, he said the strike could delay customer's car repairs. 

"You're probably looking at a two to three week supply I would say of parts that they'll have available for us," Gayler said. "That's just transferring dealer to dealer, anything coming from GM, of course, is scant, there's not much of that happening right now."

If supplies run out, Gayler said customers will take the hit.

"I'd say a good bit of rescheduling and probably scrambling for parts," Gayler said. "It's hard to say at this point but we'll have to do what we can do."