A sophomore at MTSU was arrested on Sept. 6 for bringing a gun to campus.

The student has been identified as Shady Mankarious. Police say a Snapchat video was sent to MTPD on Sept. 3 that showed two men driving on Blue Raider Drive near the Student Union with an AR-15 in the passenger's lap. The video was shot from the passenger's prospective and also showed a box of ammunition in the glove compartment. No magazine was in the rifle while the video was being recorded.

No words were spoken in the video, but there was loud music playing that referenced an Ar-15. The driver pointed to the rifle several times when the song lyrics referenced an AR-15.

After using social media and video surveillance, MTSU's Criminal Investigation Division identified Mankarious as the driver. His passenger was also an MTSU student. His passenger was not charged, but admitted they were the ones in the video with the gun. The passenger also admitted the weapon belonged to Mankarious.

Mankarious told police he bought the gun less than a month ago and had it in his car on campus the past two days.

Both students aggressively stated they did not have any desire to cause harm to anyone. Mankarious said he bought the gun for home protection based on where he lived in Antioch.

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