This week, we have a look at the bad guy, though not a great one. We hope our offer of up to $1,000 cash reward and anonymity to our would-be tipsters helps grease the skids of good information.

Now, to our case.

"The guy was just cleaning and wasn't doing anything to anybody," said Chattanooga Police Investigator Chris Bruce. "He's from out of town." Speaking of the victim, he added, this is not the way we want the Scenic City to be remembered.

It was overnight on September 5, at Bojangles' on East 23rd Street.

"There was two guys there working inside the Bojangles', cleaning the vent hoods," Bruce explained. "A black male entered wearing all black, he had blue surgical gloves and a surgical mask on. He comes in and attacks one of the workers."

Surveillance cameras show the assailant enter the open back door of the restaurant on E. 23rd Street and show the scary moments when he pulled a gun as the victims tried to get away.

"He puts a gun into his face and demands him to give him his wallet and cell phone," Bruce said. "He complies."

The bad guy got a few licks in on our victim.

"He had a swollen left eye," Bruce added. "I mean, you could tell he was assaulted."

There is not a ton to go on, but study the video. Check the guy's walk and posture and what he is wearing. Check it with the calendar: 2:00 a.m. on Thursday the 5th. We would appreciate any information.

"Maybe you heard something," Inv. Bruce said. "Maybe that guy bragged about what he did. Like I said, it's an anonymous tip. It would greatly, greatly help us out and, you never know. He might be doing this to the next person who is maybe working late and they have a lot to do and come and rob them as well."

The bad guy ran away from the cameras, so we do not have vehicle information to share. But, if you know anything about this crime, call: 698-3333

The Crime Stoppers hotline is manned 24/7. Up to $1,000 is available for your tip and we will never ask you for your name.