Three Chattanooga police officers are accused of excessive force in a lawsuit filed last week. According to the department, the city has not been served with the lawsuit yet, and the officers are still on active duty.

In the suit, Brandon Jones and his wife Devin say they were at First Volunteer Bank on Gunbarrel Road in 2018 making an after-hours deposit. They were approached by Officer Skyler Long who told them they were being arrested, all while their child was in the back seat.

According to the suit, Long tells the couple he's responding to an alarm that $4-million was stolen from the bank. The Jones's tell Long they're making a deposit.

Long takes a look at the deposit box then asks to see Brandon Jones’ ID. Jones says he asked if he's being arrested and Long says yes, then changes his answer to "no, you’re not under arrest but you’re being detained."

At that point, the lawsuit says Long is joined by Officer Cuba, who asks Devin Jones who the man and child are. She tells him they're her husband and child.

According to the suit, the officers then forced their way into the vehicle, pulling Devin Jones to the ground and handcuffing her. The Jones's say Officer Abernathy also arrived on the scene.

The lawsuit only names the first and last name of Officer Skyler Long.

The suit says the officers entered the car, and Cuba pointed his gun at Brandon Jones. Jones tells the officers to grab his hands and they lead him to the back of the car.

The lawsuit says the couple was never read their Miranda Rights, but Brandon Jones was charged with resisting arrest. That charge was dropped in June of 2019.

The Chattanooga Police Department says the officers did file Use of Force reports after the incident, and that the couple never filed a complaint with CPD.

Channel 3 contacted the law firm representing the Jones's, but they didn't want to make a statement at this time.