UPDATE:  A woman wanted in connection with stealing a vehicle with a 9-year-old child in Walker County has lost an arm in a crash and is now accused of stealing another vehicle in Catoosa County.    

The Whitfield County Sheriff's office says Makayla Whitt led them on a high-speed chase Friday. 

They say a man left his vehicle running at a Circle K in Catoosa County and told deputies the car was gone when he walked outside.  Deputies spotted the stolen vehicle and performed a pit maneuver, causing Whitt to crash into a guardrail.   They say she was thrown from the car and lost her arm. 

UPDATE: Detective David Scroggins with the Rossville police department says Quentin Cox, Ashley Walker, and Makayla Whitt are responsible for stealing an SUV with a child inside. He says social media and media coverage helped identify the trio.

It happened Monday afternoon around 3:30 at the Dollar General on Chickamauga Avenue.

He says the nine-year-old boy was sitting in his grandmother's SUV while she went inside the store. The SUV was left running and the front door was unlocked.

“She did her shopping in the store and when she came back out the car and the child were gone,” Scroggins said.

Scroggins says the trio got away in less than two minutes, but the store’s surveillance camera’s caught them leaving the store just seconds after the grandmother walked in.

“They got into their car. They started to leave the lot. They drove directly in front of the SUV. The two girls get out check the SUV and one of them gets in the driving seat; they drive away.”

But instead of calling 911, Scroggins says the grandmother tracked her grandson through an app on his phone. Then she called her son.

“The family member was responding and drove by one of our officers observing traffic. Told him I'm going up to the dollar store my nephew has been kidnapped,” he said.

The car and the nine-year-old were found stranded at a business called Family Treasure, which is 500 feet away from the Dollar General.

“The child was uninjured and actually handled this situation very very well,” Scroggins said.

Scroggins says the trio is from the area and has a criminal past. He says Monday’s incident is drug-related. They face auto theft and possibly child abandonment charges.

Now, Scroggins hopes his community learns from this.

“You should never ever leave a child unattended in the car.”

PREVIOUS STORY: The Rossville Police Department is asking for the public's help in identifying three individuals in connection to auto theft and kidnapping. 

Police say on September 16th around 3:30 P.M., a woman parked her white SUV in the parking lot of a Dollar General on Chickamauga Avenue. 

Police say she left the vehicle running with her 9-year-old grandson in the back seat. 

When she went into the store, the three individuals took the car with the child inside. 

The child and the vehicle were found a few blocks away, where the driver abandoned the child and the SUV, then fled on foot. 

Police say the child was not injured or harmed. 

They ask if you have any information, contact the Rossville Police Department.