On Tuesday, Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger made good on his friendly wager with Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs.

The two posted videos online wagering local goods over the outcome of the UTK v. UTC football game this past Saturday. Mayor Jacobs wagered a case of Mountain Dew if the Vols won. Mayor Coppinger wagered a case of MoonPies if the Mocs won. The Vols won over the Mocs 45-0 at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville.

Tuesday, a pallet of MoonPies was sent to Knox County from Chattanooga Bakery along with the note of concession from Mayor Coppinger. It read:

Mayor Jacobs,

Please accept this generous gift from Chattanooga Bakery as payment for my loss during our friendly wager. Unfortunately, our scrappy Mocs were unsuccessful in beating your Vols, but I enjoyed watching the game and cheering on both UT schools.

I appreciate your spirited enthusiasm and look forward to another friendly competition the next time our schools face one another.


Jim M. Coppinger