Anita Pevehouse gave her 3 Cents on Facebook about insurance companies and mail-order pharmacies.  She said her beef was, “Insurance companies forcing people to use mail-order pharmacies.  It doesn’t work, and they are playing with people’s health.  You should have the right to choose your own pharmacy.”

Well, you guys had a lot to say about it. I asked if your insurance company forces you to use mail-order pharmacies.

Cathy said, “They do not force, actually, but you get it cheaper if you choose and you do not have to run to the pharmacy every time you need a refill.  Delivered to my door.  Standard free shipping.”

Erin said, “Yes!  It is so inefficient and often confusing, and I work for an insurance company.  I would much rather just drive to the pharmacy and pick up my prescription when I’m ready.”

Kelli said, “Yes, and I hate them, but without it I’d have to pay more for my prescription.  I love my pharmacy and the face to face interactions and the fact that they know my name when I come into the pharmacy.”

Mike went the other way.  He said, “Mine doesn’t force me, but I have the option.  I love it, and use it because I get a 6 month supply with no human contact.”

My 3 Cents? It’s not for me.  It seems more convenient for me to just run to the drug store and pick it up.  But I can see the value in that it may not be easy for a lot of folks on long term prescriptions to get to the corner to pick up meds.  Many times it can also save you money. On the blue cross website, they say you get a 90 day supply while paying the copay for only the 30-day amount.  Also through Blue Cross, they offer brand name, but also generic which many times are less expensive.  As far as insurance companies forcing customers to use mail order? I would be upset by that, too.  However, I called Humana and Blue Cross and they offer it as a service but do not require that you get your prescriptions that way.  Bottom line… go to your health insurance website.  They should have a page on the specifics of how mail-order works through their specific company. 

That’s my 3 Cents.  If you have a rant, be it good bad, serious, or silly… I want to know.  Just call 423-643-9722 and give me Your 3 Cents!