A small group of local church members are having a big impact on the community.

They make quilts to give to the elderly and people who are sick.

“I just picked up on this because I wanted to help in the church ministry,” said 87-year-old Jane Buckner.

The group is from Red Bank Church of Christ and the name of the ministry is Threads of Love.

Veteran quilter Mike Goodson started the ministry three years ago after a church member asked him to make a quilt using her college t-shirts.

He came up with the idea to start a quilting group to bring people of all ages together.

“We’re always looking for ways to get cross generational situations because they don’t naturally cross on their own. They’re going in parallel paths and sometimes you have to force those paths to cross,” said Goodson.

The group started in a small room at the church with donated sewing machines.

Some of the ladies were skilled quilters and others were beginners but the group, made up of men and women, quickly became good friends.

“Me and Miss Jane don’t sit on the same side of our church so I would’ve never gotten to meet her and learn about her life,” said Kayla Jones, a 29-year-old mother of one who is expecting her second child.

When they started, they had no idea the scope of what the ministry would do in the Chattanooga area.

They make lap quilts for the elderly and those who are in wheelchairs, physical therapy, oncology and dialysis patients. They were recently asked to sew quilts for mental health groups.

“I just love being with everybody and I love sewing. It’s just sort of a pastime, something to look forward to,” Buckner, who is 87, told Channel 3.

They also make quilts for new babies in the church.

“I’ve been on the making side and the receiving side of getting a quilt. It makes you feel wonderful,” said Jones.

Friendships are formed over sewing machines.

“It’s so fun to see them in the hallway. They’ll stop and ask who has fabric on sale this week. Somebody who is in their late teens versus someone who is 85. They’re talking in a way that they didn’t necessarily do before,” said Goodson.

The ministry has grown since it started. Goodson estimates as many as 50 people have participated.