Hamilton County Schools will be back to business as usual on Tuesday morning after the water outage forced students out of the classroom on Monday.

Thrasher Elementary School and several residents were still feeling the residual effects of a water main break Monday, that affected 35,000 customers last Thursday.

Signal Mountain Town Manager, Boyd Veal said that they were still experiencing water pressure issues with buildings at the same elevation as their water tanks.

"Right now we're pumping water up the mountain, we're covering usage and getting water into the tank,” said Veal.”

The tanks hold 2,000,000 gallons of water, and on an average day he said there are about 1,000,000 gallons used.

Buildings like Thrasher Elementary were experiencing water pressure issues because the tanks weren’t at capacity to pressurize the whole system.

"Most of our system is pressured by gravity so we have to have so we have to have water in the tanks to create that pressure to deliver the water,” said Veal.

"Unfortunately, Thrasher was not able to have school because the water pressure was to low for the restroom facilities,” said Tim Hensley, communications officer for Hamilton County Schools.

He said they didn’t expect the water pressure issues at Thrasher Monday.

Veal said that every gallon not used goes into the tanks, so they’re still asking residents to conserve water so that water pressure returns to normal for everyone.