As Nathan Lindley of Il Primo prepares to open for dinner, stray water bottles in the restaurant mark the end of a long weekend.

"It was a little hard to process and know what to do, so we tried to get as much information as we could,” he said. “We served everyone who was here bottled water."

Il Primo shut down Friday evening after a water main break prompted a widespread boil water advisory. Lindley says restaurant owners were forced to make a difficult decision.

"You know there's the business losses, but a lot of our employees are payed hourly or dependent on tips, so being closed is something we never want to do,” Lindley said.

And Lindley wasn't the only owner to make a tough call. Matt Skudlarek of Bitter Alibi and the Daily Ration says he missed out on a lot of business.

"It's around that $15,000 number between two places,” he told Channel 3.

Lindley says he played it safe by closing, purging ice machines and throwing out food. But he wishes the advisory had been clearer from the beginning.

"The way the information was sent out was very confusing and frustrating for a business owner,” he said. “Whether it was an advisory or mandatory was never made clear."

Despite the losses, Skudlarek thinks he made the right choice.

“It's not an easy decision to make and if we had to do it again we would in the interest of being in compliance and being safe,” he said. “It's never a fun decision to make but it's better to be safe than sorry.”

Lindley and Skudlarek own five local restaurants between them. All of those spots will be back open for business Monday, as they try and make up for the weekend.